Paphiopedilum Orchid Care

Natural orchid, there is about 60 different species, origin South-Eastern Asia, grows 500-2200m above see level.
It is relatively easy to grow at home, however to make it reblooming requires to learn how to take care of your Paphiopedilum.
There are some exceptions of Paphiopedilum, that is difficult to grow at home: P. rotschildianum Pfitz. syn. Cypripedium rotschildianum Reichb.

How to take care of Paphiopedilum

Traditionally it is grown in rhizome of Osmunda Regalis and Sphagnum, mixed in proportions 2:1. As alternative to Osmunda Regalis you can use shredded bark - granulation 1-2 cm. Additionally you may add soil (leaves soil), some expanded polystyrene foam, and rhizome of Pteridopsida.
Paphiopedilum requires subtratum at pH 6,5-7,2.
If pH gets lower, you may add some calcium carbonate or dolostone.
If pH gets higher, you need to change substratum.

How to fertilise Paphiopedilum
March-October - This is the period when your Paph is growing leaves, so it needs fertilising every 14-21 days. Do not fertilise it in the winter.

How much light needs Paphiliopedilum
It does't requires as much light as other orchids, so give it so much light, that leaves keep lively green. If you see them getting yellowish or they are warm while you touch it, that is the signal for you that amount of light it gets is too much.
Average they need 9,000 lux during 14-16 hours a day.

What temperature requires Paphiopedilum
There are 3 groups of Paphs that have different requirements.
Temperatures differ depending on the phase of growth.
Paphiopedilum with green leaves requires:
Spring-Summer /26C/day/ and /18C/night
September-October /22C/day/ and /12C/night
Winter 15C/day/ and /12C/night

How much water need Paphiopedilum
Frequency of watering depends on the conditions you give it such as light, temperature and pot it grows in. Usually water it when substratum gets very light dry. In the summer it can be 2-3 times a week, in the winter every 1-2 weeks.
If substratum/soil is more dense it requires lower frequency, than when it is light.
If you grow it in clay pot it is easy to tell. Warm and light pot means 'water me', cold and heavy pot means 'I have enough water'.
Water rather in the morning.

How to repot Paphiopedilum
Best time to repot is in the Spring or early Summer. If the plant is healthy, don't remove all the soil sticking to roots. Do not water Paph after repotting - only sprinkle.

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