Phalaenopsis Liodoro

Rhynchostylis gigantea var. alba

This is very lovely orchid coming from India, Thailand and Philippines. Grows slowly.
Flowers in autumn and winter.
If you want to keep them happy, they need specific temperature level, which is at night 13-15,5C / in the day 18-29C.
They don't like direct sunlight. Humidity around the plant 70%. Subtratum should be all the time moist - don't let it dry. In the winter, during cloudy weather or after repotting, water it sparingly.
Propagation by division of the plant.

Happy Orchid Growing!

Black Jack Orchid

The colour and the texture of this Black Jack orchid (Phalaenopsis) is so rich, it looks gorgeous.

Orchid Vuylstekeara

Hybrid between Cochlioda, Miltonia and Odontoglossum.
Best subtratum to use is one for orchids growing on trees.
Best temperature at night 13-15,5C /day 18-24C
Light: scattered light, not too bright, 16-21 klx.
Watering: during full growth subtratum needs to be kept moist. After it stops growing minimise watering slightly - between waterings subratum needs to get light dry.
Propagation by division of plants.

Orchid Lc. Orglade's Grand


What is Lc. or LC.?
LC = Laeliocattleya (syn. Catlaelia 1895) orchid.
Hybridised in 1863 between Laelia and Cattleya.

Orchid Dendrobium Andree Millar

Hybrid (Dendrobium atroviolaceum X Dendrobium convolutum), 1987.

Orchid Cattleya Aurantiaca

Natural orchid coming from Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador and Honduras.
Grows up to 15 cm.
Leaves shiny, light colour green-yellowish, lenght 12-15 cm, growing from pseudobulb.
Flower diameter 4 cm, grows in clusters of 4.
Flowering period April-June.

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4. Swedish Orchid Society
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List of Orchid Society - World:

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3. Canadian Orchid Congress
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5. South African Orchid Council

Encyclia Cochleatum Orchid, Fragrant Orchid, Epidendrum

Origins from Middle America.
Leaves shiny, lenght 15-30 cm.
On one stem 3-10 fragrant flowers.
Flowering period: different months of the year, lasting 5-7 months.

Pseudobulb need dormancy period. Watering in the spring and summer regularly. Sparingly in the winter, but don't let the pseudobulb to wrinkle.